Board of Director Nominations 2024

2024 Election for CATT Board of Directors

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Board Election Ballot for 2024-2026 Term



Ballot Deadline is

5:00 PM, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2023

All ballots are confidential.     

One ballot per member company.

Incumbent seats are for a 3-year term beginning 1/1/2024 ending 12/31/2026.

New Candidate seats are for a 2-year term from 1/1/2024 ending 12/31/2025 

(Incumbents - Vote for 5)


My name is Anton “Toni” Standteiner. I am the owner of the Mountain Forge blacksmith shop here in Truckee. My Austrian father, Hans, started the shop in 1968. I have a degree in Architecture and a Masters Certification in Blacksmithing. I'm a firm believer in the CATT organization and their mission statement. I am the current CATT Board President, my company actively engages in community projects and outreach programs. I look forward to continuing this tradition with CATT

Strike while the irons hot! Thank you for your time.


I am seeking re-election to the board, having served since March 2016. I am the President of Mt. Lincoln Construction; a long standing CATT member. During my time on the Board of Directors, I have served as the Secretary, Vice President, 2020 President, your current Treasurer as well as on various committees. My time on the board has realized great progressions for CATT, including the launch of official social media accounts and increased marketing strategies, efficiencies in the “Request a Bid” program, and expansion into the South Lake Tahoe region. I believe that I can continue to serve CATT by providing a professional and efficiency focused approach to the Board of Directors. Thank you for your consideration.


It has been my pleasure to serve on the CATT Board and represent local contractors involving issues pertinent to our members and the construction industry locally.  I would like to continue to represent local contractors as your voice.  I am always available to hear your concerns and take them to the Board.


I am seeking re-election to the Board of Directors after serving my 2020-2023 term. As a second-generation CATT member, I would like to ask for your vote to elect me as a member of CATT Board of Directors to continue to help grow this organization and it's ability to reach different sectors. As a third-generation owner of a plumbing supply shop in Truckee, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of CATT in our amazing community. As the younger generation continues to grow through our community, I feel that this is the perfect opportunity to navigate the waters and allow for CATT to continue their constant uphill growth. Thank you for this opportunity and I respectfully ask for your vote.


It's been an honor to serve on the CATT board. I am the president of Tancon Inc., Iv'e been a member of CATT for years. I have chaired as president for the South Lake group and CATT government affairs. I'd be happy to continue serving on the board and represent our members.

(New Candidates Vote for one)


I am honored to be nominated for the CA-TT board. I have lived in Truckee for over 8 years and have worked with CA-TT in a variety of capacities for several years. As the Project Manager for Becker Construction Group, I am keenly aware of the industry challenges unique to our area, and would like to devote my time on the board to recruiting new members and building the relationships between General Contractors and regional Subcontractors. I am also interested in recruiting more skilled labor to our area. This includes educating young men and women in Truckee on the value of a career in the trades. Growing CA-TT to continue to support our local construction industry is my reason for running for the CA-TT board. If elected I will utilize my skills and background in Marketing, Business Development and Recruiting to strengthen this important, grass roots organization.


My name is Bryant Perez and I was born and raised in Reno, NV. I have been in the solid surface market for 13 years dealing with residential and commercial specifications. I am currently the manager at Pacific Shore Stones Reno and have learned so much from CATT this year. I believe CATT has great potential to grow to an even larger organization than it already is. There has been a growth in the younger generation stepping up to higher position roles and with the help of the well experienced models, we can continue to strive to work together.


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